SBM Legal is a boutique employment law firm with offices in Newmarket. We have four partners, three senior associates and an associate as well as several administration and finance staff.

We advise both employers of various sizes and individual employee clients on both contentious and non contentious matters.

For more detailed information on what we do, please see our website www.sbmlegal.co.nz

This blog will be trialled for three months from March 2017.  We want to use it as a mechanism for communicating with clients, potential clients and interested parties.

Employment law is dynamic and constantly evolving.  Through this blog we hope to be able to communicate with you the reader in a faster and more direct way so that you can feel truly up and to date and in the know.

Our plan is to trial different styles and topics.  Please give us feedback; let us know what works and what doesn’t work, what you want to read more of and what you wish you have never read, what you found informative or entertaining or what grinds your gears.  We will use that feedback to assess firstly whether the blog should continue beyond May and if so, in what form.