SBM Legal announces key partnership changes, ushers in new phase of growth

Employment law firm SBM Legal is taking the next big step in its development as New Zealand’s leading employment law specialists.

After more than a decade, co-founding partner Don Mackinnon is stepping away from day-to-day involvement in the firm, to practice as a Barrister.

The move reflects Don’s changing priorities, including a higher level of commitment to sports governance and a desire to focus more on specific project work such as investigations, bargaining and acting as a mediator.

Don is pleased to retain an association with the firm he co-founded, with this move formalising the ways in which his practice and portfolio of professional commitments had been evolving.

In a related move, Senior Associate Matthew McGoldrick will become a partner of the firm. Matthew has worked at SBM Legal since 2013, including working closely with Don for many years across Don’s portfolio. Additionally, Principal Anthony Russell, who joined SBM Legal in May 2018, is also becoming a partner.

Don’s presence and contribution over many years will always be part of SBM Legal’s character, and his legacy will be part of what shapes the firm, which is comprised of employment law advisers, strategists, risk management, negotiations and compliance specialists. Like all growth and development, the change provides new opportunities for the firm and the whole team, including Don.


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